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Director, Francisco Arreola

Principal’s Message

Aurora High School has the honorable distinction of being a Model Continuation High School in California and was initially awarded this honor back in 2004 and continues to hold that honor in 2014. Many high schools need to reevaluate their instructional program and we have.  As a result of this, we received a 6 year WASC accreditation in April 2014.  We have incorporated both recovery programs and direct teaching modalities aligned with the Common Core State Standards.  The staff has played a major role in the school’s accomplishments. The faculty has worked well for many years and has the compassion and understanding that our students need.  They guide and monitor the students closely and provide parents with feedback.   All of our employees work to make our campus a safer place for a more conducive learning environment.  The partnerships that we continue to build with our community have led us to believe in ourselves, strive higher and be that model school that we so are so proud of.

It is our mission to make sure that students are successful and that they recover credits and improve study habits and eventually return and graduate with their class at Calexico High School.  This may not always happen but we do emphasize the importance of hard work, the significance of perfect attendance and the worth of punctuality.  We strive to keep this campus safe and orderly and enforce strict discipline and attendance policies in the academic arena.  This is truly ‘A New Beginning’ for all of our students and they know that if they find success here, they will find it elsewhere.